Your guests are briefed prior to the visit by opendoorsberlin. We promise you an array of international visitors, as well as remuneration per guest.

If you would like to open your door to interesting city visitors occasionally or regularly, then please write to us at:

>> I have some more questions about the course of a visit.

Bring the world to you ...

... and enjoy an interesting and lively afternoon with people fromaround the world in your living room.

For tourists, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing how Berliners really live. Through opendoorsberlin, they have the opportunity to visit three Berlin households in one afternoon or to have dinner in the house of real Berliners.

You too can share your little piece of Berlin with the world by opening your doors on an afternoon or evening. It’s up to you how many guests you receive, how you receive them and what time they visit. Or would you like to cook for your unknown guests?