How long will individual guests stay?
Individual guests have approximately four hours to visit three apartments. This means they will certainly not spend a full three hours in your apartment. Each guest visit may last between 10 minutes and one hour.
Guests will not all be in your apartment at the same time, although the times visitors arrive and depart may overlap.

How many guests can I expect in one afternoon?
You determine how many guests can drop by. You also decide the time-frame when you will receive guests. There will never be more than three guests in your home who know one another.

What about my safety and privacy?
opendoorsberlin has taken a note of where all guests are currently staying in Berlin and their passport numbers. We can be telephoned at the time of the visit.
Prior to their visits, guests will be made aware that they are entering a private area and that this is to be respected. Photos may only be taken with your express approval.

Guidelines for Hosts

opendoorsberlin is delighted that you are on board and will be opening your doors to international guests.
At this juncture we would like to attempt to answer a few fundamental questions with regard to visits, so you are able to feel safe about taking in guests. Have more questions? Then get in touch at any time and we can come up with some answers together.

What does it mean for me, to receive visitors from opendoorsberlin? And what do I get from it?
It sounds quite simple. On a Saturday afternoon you are obliged to be at home for at least three hours and prepared to receive guests during this time. In doing so you will be opening the doors to your flat for a sort of small international get-together.
You will certainly enjoy a friendly, diverse and inspiring afternoon. More over, you will receive an expense allowance of 5 Euro for each guest admitted.

What happens during a visit?
The way you welcome guests and whether you offer them something to drink or invite them to take a seat, is wholly up to you.
Whether you enjoy other peoples company and converse together, play a game together, make music or just provide a tour of the apartment - it is up to you.