Guidelines for guests

opendoorsberlin is delighted that you are taking the opportunity to discover Berlin from within. You will glean many and diverse impressions about lifestyle in Berlin and we hope that your meeting with the people of Berlin will provide you with delight and inspiration.
To run your stay in the apartments as smoothly as possible, we have answered some frequently asked questions here.

Who are the people whom I will be visiting?
The people who are allowing you access to their apartments are generally friendly and sociable Berliners. They enjoy making their own little piece of Berlin accessible to the world and would be delighted to get to know you. The majority of them speak at least a little bit of English. All hosts have been visited in their homes by opendoorsberlin beforehand and have been prepared for your visit.

What should I be aware of when I am visiting a private apartment?
There are no standard rules for visiting individual apartments. Be aware that you will be in a person's private realm and respect this. Hosts are prepared to answer your questions and to show you their flat.


Some of them will offer you something to eat or drink. You decide whether you accept or not.
Be prepared to take off your shoes while in the apartments, this is standard practice in many German apartments.

How much time do I have for the visits?
The duration of your visit depends on how long you want to stay. Generally, stays of between 10 minutes and two hours are possible. You have between three and four hours to visit all three apartments. Remember to factor in the travel time between individual visits.

Can I photograph in the apartmento?
Please ask your hosts whether they consent to photos of them and/or their apartment being taken. Photos may not be published without the approval of the hosts.

What should I do if the address given to me is not open?
Generally, this does not happen.
However, opendoorsberlin can be telephoned throughout the visit period and will endeavour to find a replacement, or will provide a pro rata refund of the amount paid.